About Us

Our story

D'EUNOIA is a family owned business. It was born in the middle of the pandemic, back in the beginning of 2020, in a small village that belongs to the least explored part of Douro. Two sisters, Ana and Catarina Cruz, decided to create this project. D'EUNOIA not only represents their love and union but also their values associated with a strong bound to the place where they were born and their wish to follow their dreams.

D'EUNOIA celebrates heritage along with boldness and is inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of our region. We vouch for women who value their origins but are brave enough to grow their wings.


Our name
eunoia  |  from the greek  |  (yoo-noy-uh)

a pure mind, a good spirit, beautiful thinking
D'  |  born in Douro


At D'EUNOIA all things are made with love and with the goal to make you feel truly special. Everything is carefully thought so that one day we are able to impact as much lives as possible and do our part in building a better world.


Our approach


All collections are designed to be exclusive and unique. Because of that we will produce each of our products at your order but always respecting maximum quantities set by our brand. This way, we can assure you that we don't produce for the masses and you are very lucky if you manage to order one of our iconic pieces.

We have no discounts or sales. Each one of our products is thought and produced in a very conscious way. We ought to be transparent and because of that we always price our products in such way that you pay a fair price for them. We want you to know that you are paying what we believe to be the best representation of our products value, and we want you to be sure that you will never regret buying it just because you find it down priced on another occasion.

Most times our products are made to order. In an attempt to minimize waste and to make a small but important impact on sustainability matters, we are committed to being an agent of slow luxury. You might have to wait a bit more to have our iconic handmade products, but we promise the wait will be worth it!